The Seven Maker Guilds of Aethertopia

The Seven Maker Guilds of Aethertopia

The Nomadic City of Aethertopia is divided into Seven Guilds, with each guild occupying its own district. For the most part, the guilds work in harmony, trading between themselves for goods and services they may need. Although there are often squabbles about which guild is the most important, most creative, most intellectual, or most powerful… they manage to peacefully coexist on a day to day basis.
With no further ado, let us now explore the the guilds and what they offer to the world.

The Inventors Guild

Those who seek entry to the Inventor’s Guild must show their skill, intellect and cleverness at creating wonderful devices and technologies that serve the greater good of humanity.

Whether it’s a new power source, an information transmission device, or a way to light your home, these devices are a significant part of the steampunk aesthetic. Your work is welcome in this guild if you have the courage to apply and display it before your maker peers.

The Seamsters Guild

Clothing and costuming are at the heart of the steampunk aesthetic, and the Seamsters Guild celebrates the best, most creative, and most wearable forms of steampunk clothing.

Some Seamsters are extraordinary at repurposing extant clothing, while others will make a corset from scratch! Regardless of how you assemble your outfit, if you are proud to show your work in public, then you are welcome to apply for membership in the Seamsters Guild!



The Artists Guild

The definition of art may be subjective, but the Artists Guild in Aethertopia has pretty strict requirements for its makers. Be creative, be original, and be steampunk! Whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, or a really enormously complex, yet unwearable, representation of a jetpack, it is welcome in the Artists Guild.



The Explorers Guild

The Steampunk Era was forever preoccupied with exploration of new lands and new worlds. If you specialize in making vehicles or devices, then the Explorers Guild wants to have a close look at your work! A new airship? Perhaps rocket boosters for your boots? Travel gear for a jungle expedition? If it’s something an explorer could use on this world, or on another, then please join the Explorers Guild!



The Storytellers Guild

It is the strongest assertion that the world of steampunk would never have been possible if it weren’t for the earliest members of the Storytellers Guild, and they probably have a point.

Storytellers, however, come in all sorts, styles and kinds. Obviously, there’s the written word, but there’s also music, dance, the spoken word, and acting. Whatever form your storytelling takes, whether it’s a short story or an audio drama, the members of the Storytellers Guild look forwarding to swapping tales with you!



The Hatters Guild

Otherwise known as The Toppers, the Hatters Guild is absolutely fanatical about headwear. Helmets, tophats, bonnets and fascinators are just the beginning.

A good piece of Steampunk Era head gear can protect you from the sun, from social criticism, or perhaps even a post-apocalyptic zombie virus! So if you like to show off your topper, consider joining the Hatters Guild!

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The Assassins Guild

They are always there, in the shadows, in the corners where you dare not look. The Assassins Guild is where you go if you create objects for the ever important practice of self defense… and even sometimes the necessary preventative offense.

Sonic thought disruptors, laser rifles, electric blunderbusts, explosives of all types, any kind of weaponry you can envision; these are the things you must be proficient at creating if you wish to join the Assassins Guild. Their standards are high. They don’t want to get killed by accident, and they hope you feel the same way.