People’s Choice Awards – YOU Choose the Guild Masters!

Help us pick our new Guild Masters!

When you enter the main portal to the Aethertopia, you will be given SEVEN tokens, each representing one area of Steampunk Making. As you make your way through the seven Guild Districts of our little nomadic city, you will be deciding which Exhibitor represents the highest goals of Steampunk making for that particular style. These seven guilds are:

  • Hatters
  • Seamsters
  • Assassins
  • Inventors
  • Explorers
  • Storytellers
  • Artists

You will then find brass jugs on each of the Maker/Exhibitor displays, and you can put your token into the ballot jug, to cast your vote for whom you think should be Guild Master for the year. You’ll know which items are part of the Exhibition because they will have red table runners that say “VOTE” on them.

You are a HUGE element of our show, so don’t miss your chance to help us pick our new Guild Masters!