Passports & Tickets

Welcome to the Ticket Line!

Planning on visiting our little Nomadic City of Steampunk Makers? Well, you’ll need a Passport if you want to be here for the weekend, or a ticket if you just intend to stay for a day. Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

Click on the link below to get yourself exactly what you need. Your ticket options will open in another window, so you never have to lose your place here in the ticket line!


The Ultimate Passport is the best way to see Aethertopia. Don’t miss anything!

From the moment we open the doors of the RFS Aethertopia, through the symposiums, workshops, classes, readings, the Aether Banquet, the Aether Ball, the contests, the prizes, and even including the amazing “best seats in the house” for Abney Park: Live from Aethertopia concert* on Saturday night, you won’t miss a tick of the clock with this amazing package! Total Value of all the amazing things included: $233.  As a package, you pay just $169!  But wait… check out Early Bird Pricing to see how much more you can save if you act now. (Please be aware that the number of Ultimate Passports is very limited, because of all the extras that are included. You’ll want to act as soon as possible to make sure you get the best there is out of your weekend.)

The Supreme Passport is Perfect for Travelers who can’t quite stay for dinner

So many of the same goodies as what you get in the Ultimate Passport, but a few changes and this might be just the right package for you when you spend your weekend in the Nomadic City of Steampunk Makers! The total value of all the items included in this package is over $158. But, as a package, you can get them all for just $119! Again, Early Bird Pricing is in effect, so check out the additional savings good until April 30th… or until the packages run out. Again, we have a limited number because of the wonderful souvenirs and extras that are included (including guaranteed space in the Premium viewing area for the Abney Park: Live from Aethertopia concert!*

The Deluxe 2-day Passport is the basis for any a la carte admission package you wish to build for yourself!

With the Deluxe Passport you won’t miss any of the excitement and action of the largest immersive Steampunk event in North America, including both days of the exciting story of how the RFS Aethertopia came to find its way to Tampa Bay in 2019, as well as the incredible events that led up to its escape! Get almost $90 worth of tickets for just $69. Or, save even MORE with the Early Bird


Enjoy the highlights of the longest day in Aethertopia!

Spend your day wandering amongst the Seven Maker Guild Districts in the Nomadic City of Steampunk Makers.

Enjoy symposiums, workshops, readings, as well as free games, dancing, and activities for all ages! Get great savings during our Early Bird Sale. You won’t want to miss it!



Can’t make it Saturday? Then this is your last chance to experience Aethertopia!

Whether it’s because of scheduling, you’re new to Steampunk and are wondering what this is all about, or for whatever reason you can’t make it on Saturday, then this is your last chance to see what Aethertopia is all about. Visit with amazing makers, see demonstrations and take classes in how to create the astounding clothing, props and media that have made Steampunk a lasting part of modern society. Save big by jumping on our Early Bird specials as well.  We’ll see YOU in Aethertopia!



  • When we talk about “Premium Seating” or “Premium Viewing for the concert, what we mean is you will be standing on the floor, right in front of the stage. We have special areas set aside just for people who might be a bit mobility challenged, and even have two lower density “I-Zones” set up just for introverts! We want everyone to have an amazing time. Really. That’s what this is all about.