Harper Goff Excellence in Steampunk Making Award

The Harper Goff Excellence in Steampunk Making Award is given to the local Maker/Exhibitor who has demonstrated the finest qualities of Steampunk making, as decided by our three Master Maker guests.

This year’s Master Makers are:

Thirl Hupp

James Neathery

Robert Brown

These fine guests have come to Aethertopia with the express purpose of helping us decide which of our local Makers best fulfills the creative potential that Steampunk allows all of us. The Exhibitor selected should not be seen so much as a “winner”, but more of an ideal, and an inspiration towards which we should all strive with our own Steampunk Making endeavors.

The Harper Goff Excellence in Steampunk Making Award is named after the legendary Harper Goff, who in designing Captain Nemo’s iconic submarine the Nautilus for Disney’s 1954 movie version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, gave us our first glimpse of a world where the Victorian era met Science Fiction head on.

In honor of this man’s extraordinary work, we would like to carry on his legacy, and make certain that future generations never forget the people who blazed the trail for us, giving our imaginations license to be creative in ways no one ever dreamed of before.

To find out more about Harper Goff, click here.