If you’re involved at all in Central Florida Cosplay then Thirl Hupp will be a familiar name.  Thirl not only has some of the most innovative and creative cosplay costumes we’ve seen, but he’s also warm and welcoming to other enthusiasts.  He brings inspiration to the cosplay community both in ideas and encouragement.


Thirl lives in the Orlando area and works at Disney.  He can also be found at conventions or shows throughout central Florida nearly ever weekend.

In the Steampunk world, Thirl goes by Professor Thriftium, and advocates for using found items to build a fantastic Steampunk cosplay.  2019 is also his second year as Maker Judge for the Aethertopia Maker’s Competition.  We’ve asked him a few questions to help you get to know him better.


A:What led you to Cosplay?

T:the costumes …and variety of different crafts and arts used in cosplay

A:You’re well known for using thrifted and affordable goods and turning them into fantastic costumes.  How did you discover how to see what something could be vs what it is?

T:I have always had an eye for repurposing …..this is such an art with in itself to take one person’s junk and make it into something useable maybe even art itself !

A:What first brought you into steampunk?

T:….the art of  repurposing ….looking at the costume styles and thinking what I can use to come up with this vintage look and the props …..what can I repurpose to make that gun , that walking stick ,  hat or jewelry …the art of all this brought me to STEAMPUNK !

A:What do you feel steampunk brings to your cosplay?

T: the time set– bringing that character of pop culture back in time–this Victorian time and time of discovery of the Machine in to our daily life ..!

A:Your steampunk costumes show real creativity of character.  What inspires you?

T: COLOR and texture ! …….what catches your eye from far away will be the color ….I love going bold and staying with in a smaller color palette …..don’t get so busy with your design ….I hear so much about all the “little” details ….not me ….I go for the “BIG DETAILS”.   Bold statements !

A:This will be your second year judging the maker’s contest for Aethertopia.  What did you take from last year’s experience? 

T: Knowing all the branches of this art of Steampunk ….not just the Costumes and props but the writing the story telling , the books and the music and the paintings and photography …all these …how to Judge one from the other

A: What would you say to new makers still deciding on what to make for the contest?

T: Think of that WoW factor …what is going to make your art stand out among all the rest …..not just a great art piece but a “WOW -OMG” something that will make people talk and remember !

A:Any other thoughts?

T: The greats gift you will take from this art of “STEAMPUNK” is community and friendship …this is not an art you do yourself sitting at home …this is one that will get you out of the house and bring to you great friendships for many years to come  !


And with that, we hope to see you as a part of our Aethertopia community June 29-30th.

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