Event Schedule

Here is a rather messy, but somewhat complete, picture of what will be happening on Saturday, August 24th, at Aethertopia: Corsets & Cogs.

Don’t miss it!

11:00-12:00Building a Character (and the Props that go with it!)Experience an insightful and informative presentation on character creation, and prop building as a way of demonstrating that character's traits and history.Professor Edison A. Wellington (mka, Dennis Mineweaser), Engineering Degree, Engineering and construction career, 5 years of Steampunk CosPlayAethertopia Main Stage
12:00 - 1:00Building a Steampunk Robot SuitWe will be looking at the tools to create EVA foam projects and the safety of using the tools. Discssion of creating a pattern will be covered and how to start to create a cool steampunk bracer using foam and recyclable materials.Professor Victor Von RictorMain Stage
1:00 - 2:00Story Craft - The Epicenter of SteampunkExplore the elements of story craft, using both narrative and props.Shelly Drummond, author of Dr. Wren's Incredible Hoverpark of Wonder and creator of Thin Husk experiences, will lead the discussion. Shelly is a professional folklorist with experience as a tour guide and in museum exhibit design. She'll gladly banter on about her obsession with bizarre history and story arcs!Main Stage
2:00 - 3:00Building a Character, and the Costume that Goes with itCharacter creation can be expressed in the fashions and styles you choose to display the soul of your character. Learn how to weave your character directly into the clothing you make, from someone with three decades of professional costuming experience!Theresa Mulconry sewed for Disney Parks, and the Disney Cruise Ships, Magic and Wonder, Stage sets, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Disney on Ice, as well as movies including Jeepers Creepers (all costumes). In addition to doing many catalog shoots, she has several pieces of her work in the Henry B. Plant Museum in Tampa, and actually portrayed Margaret Plant for reenactments! She has been teaching sewing at places like JoAnn Fabrics for over thirty years, and was creating cosplay years before the word was even coined.Main Stage
4:00-5:00Keynote Presentation: How to Find and Wear a Comfortable Corset!Part 1-Different shapes of corsets for different bodies, extremely important to note when buying (& measuring) How to put it on properly, esp when tight lacing What to look for in fabrics & boning for durability and comfort, where to buy (IF TIME PERMITS) Part 2-how to make a duct tape form for corsetry (it's different than other garments) How to alter your form & where to put seams Where & what to get for supplies Resources to help sew itLady Celia Corsetier (mka, Kelli Lynn Luckey), who has 1 year schooling in fashion history & pattern drafting, as well as over 3 years waist training research & practice.Main Stage
12:00 - 2:00CogyardThe Cogyard is where your Steampunk Dreams become Reality. People with Deluxe or Supreme Passes will be allowed to bring their own base item into the CogYard, and begin the amazing process of hunting through our huge supply of materials to make a custom design that you will be very proud to display, wear, or carry!Admiral TheoCogYard
4:00 - 5:30CogYardThe CogYard will be open again for people with Ultimate or Supreme Passes to work on the modification of a piece they've brought to the show. Admiral TheoThe CogYard
12:00 - 1:00From Rags to Riches: Costume Inspiration and ModificationThrift shops finds are only as great as the modifications that you believe are possible. This class will show you how to stretch what you know, from changing the shape of a coat, to changing the color of already dyed leather! Learning to Manipulate the material is what Miles Marker has become famous for. Come learn what you can do with your next thrift find. You might amaze even yourself!Miles Marker, a self-trained Seamster and Costumer, has created everything from Steampunk outfits, to Viking garb, to Celtic tunics, and sold them all across the country at Renaissance Festivals. Jules Verne Auditorium
2:00 - 3:00Foamcraft: Three Dimensional Building in EXP FoamIf you've seen the Guild signs of Aethertopia, then you are seeing some of the work that you can learn how to do yourself. Professor A. G. Pearlmutter (mka, John Rupe) is the creator of amazing foam craft art, using primarily EXP insulation foam. He also happens to be a whiz with hand tools, power tools, and autocad. Those arches around the room were all designed by him. Yeah. He's the real thing.CogYard
3:00The First Semi-Quadrannual Aethertopia Costume Contest!This is a costume contest like you’ve never experienced before! And there are even prizes that will warm the hearts of Makers and Seamsters everywhere!Admiral TheoMain Stage