At Aethertopia 2018, we had a surprise encounter with an amazing genius of automatons, Professor Jim Smentowski. We didn’t recognize him by name on his submission (and his Blaster that he submitted to the Assassins Guild was truly extraordinary. We won’t even MENTION the hat he submitted to the Hatters Guild!), but we certainly knew him by reputation.

This was THE Jim Smentowski, the genius behind the virtually unstoppable, absolutely terrifying, insidiously destructive automaton that appeared for years on the TV program “Battlebots”… NIGHTMARE!


This absolute MONSTER of a machinery-killing machine is four feet high and over SEVEN FEET LONG!

And Nightmare, and his Maker, will be at Aethertopia this June 29th and 30th. Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime to speak with the brilliant man who gave his competition Nightmares.

(As a side note, this exact robot was the inspiration for a device that appears in Season Two of The Omega Contingent… the Sawmatons! But you can ask about that when you come to Aethertopia.)

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