The Celebration of Steampunk Makers Deserves More Than One Weekend

After careful consideration, we have decided that Aethertopia, the Nomadic City of Steampunk Makers, will need more than one weekend to fit everything in that we have planned, so get ready for not one, not two, but THREE separate Aethertopia events this fall!

Aethertopia will open up on Saturday, August 24th at the Verizon Event Center in New Port Richey, Florida, for a day of Steampunk learning, inspiration, and fun for all ages. The Event Center is big enough for us to hold the Great Exhibition of Makers, as well as allowing a majority of our special Benefactors to participate in this themed event. So what is the theme for this first event of Autumn, 2019?

At this event, we will be focusing on Makers and Benefactors who are providing both products and education on the creation of clothing, devices, and props that will help you take your Steampunk and cosplay making to the next level!

Tickets and Admission

There are going to be THREE Aethertopia events this Autumn, culminating in a LARGE event at a venue we are very excited about, but can’t announce yet. (Unlike the Verizon center, we don’t have the contract in place just yet, so we aren’t going to jinx it by talking about it too soon!)

If you previously bought a 2-Day Passport to Aethertopia 2019, you are going to be given access to ALL THREE DAYS of Aethertopia this year, instead of just two.

If you already bought a 1-Day Ticket, either Saturday or Sunday, you will be given access to any TWO days of Aethertopia you wish to attend. That’s a whole extra day of inspiration and shenanigans!

And we will have tickets available in advance for these three events, at an Advance Discounted Price of just $20! Yes, you and your friends can now get in to a day of Aethertopia for just $20. These prices WILL go up to $25 at the door, so be sure you get yours in advance.

And what’s another great benefit about our new venue?


That’s right! No more parking fees, and the parking lot is just as conveniently located as you could hope for!

There will be food available from local caterers all day, so you never have to leave the event. Catch all the classes you want, and be sure to visit the all new CogYard! This is a Maker’s dream come true, as you will be able to build your own props and gadgets, under the supervision of one of our Expert Makers!


Those exhibitors who have already been accepted can bring their works to the show and start gathering vote tokens for the People’s Choice Awards at every event where you set up your creations! This is your chance to become the Guild Master for 2019, and lock in your place in Aethertopia history forever!

It’s everything you loved about Aethertopia, but more… and more… and more. Come on along and join us in celebrating the genius of Steampunk Makers!

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