PetanCthulhu: The Official Sport of Aethertopia

Every nation has its official sport, and Aethertopia is no exception to that rule!

Many years ago (Or in the future, depending on when we are telling you this) we tracked down and did battle with a great Demon God, Cthulhu. Using the amazing technology of Nikola Tesla, combined with the outstanding genius of our own Sophia Dakkar (future Inventors Guild Master), we were able to trap Cthulhu and hold him at bay long enough for denizens of a certain island nation to get out of his destructive path!

It was most dreadful, yet terribly exciting, so we wanted to commemorate that extraordinary event with our own tribute, our own special way to remember that fateful event that hasn’t happened yet. Thus, after several days of discussions, we created the lawn game of PetanCthulhu! (Pronounced “Pay-Taun-Cthulhu”).

For those who are familiar with the French sport of Petanque, it is somewhat like Bocci, but the ball is thrown underhand, to give it a reverse spin. Basically, it’s French lawn bowling. Except we sometimes call it “Capture the Great Old One“.

But instead of a Jack, we attempt to surround a small statue of Cthulhu with our silver spheres, symbolizing the trapping of the dreaded demon inside the energy orbs Sophia created using Tesla’s coils as a model.

Thus was born the game of PetanCthulhu! The rules aren’t terribly complicated, but there are some things that will cause you to immediately lose the game! It’s fun, it’s easy, and it is played by two teams of one, two, or three players each.

So, we hope you will be joining us for all day practice, followed up by a daily PetanCthulhu Tournament to be held in Regents Park at Aethertopia on June 29th & 30th. Then, perhaps join us for a drinking song or two, including the winning team’s favorite:

 “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

Don’t miss it!

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