Another weekend is here and in Florida the event season is just getting in gear. The Aethertopia team celebrated last weekend with our partners in time at SyFy Bartow— Sean and Lori Serdynski, a big, welcoming, outdoor street fair in a small, friendly, central Florida town.  We saw the folks at Heirs of Isildur/Insymmetry Creations and Heartland Steampunk Society, as well as several new faces.  So much creative Steampunk energy packed in a beautiful downtown setting.  Were you there?  Share your pictures with us.

Even Captain Nemo was in attendance

A new event season really drives the creative process.  We have so many Steampunk costumes and creations we want to make, but that brings us back to Aethertopia itself, our greatest Steampunk creation, and getting ready to share it with you.  No worries folks, Aethertopia is always on our minds, and we have big plans for 2019.  This blog is one of our new additions and we hope to see you interacting with us here every week, because Aethertopia is a Steampunk village for all Steampunks, and it takes a village to raise a village, as they say.  That is what they say, right?

It takes a village to race a tea pot

With the gloom of winter shaking off (at least down here in the south, sorry our northern friends) and creativity blooming, we want to ask you to reflect on what you love best about Steampunk making and the Steampunk world.  Where does your expertise lie?  Do you remake found things?  Love working in a particular medium?  Tell Steampunk stories?  Or are you interested in all the cultural manifestations of Steampunk, or the relationship of past and present in our Steampunk rebellion?  Steampunk is a passion, after all, and passion leads to knowledge.  

Then, we want to ask you to share with our village.  Aethertopia is all about sharing ideas, celebrating skills, and sparking inspiration.  We have room on stage for you, too.  So consider adding your inspiration to our schedule.  

We’ve opened a page for submitting presentation ideas for our committee to consider at:

Follow the link and let us know more about your passion.  We want to see you in the City of Makers.

We hope to see Napoleon there, too.

In the meantime, we’ll keep sharing our Steampunk experiences.  We’ll see you at the Henry Plant Museum Picnic in the Park on March 17th.  And we’ll be right here sharing more of our process next week.

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