Important Abney Park Concert Announcement

This is the news nobody wants to hear, and I especially don’t want to tell you.

Bringing Abney Park to Tampa was a huge part of my dream for Aethertopia. Unfortunately, it is simply not going to be feasible to do this in 2019. 

We are not cancelling the concert. We are postponing it.

To give this kind of stage performance the respect it deserves, as well as give you, the audience, a quality of performance that you will love, we are going to put the concert in a venue that is better suited to the dynamics of the band experience, or find a very different way to make Aethertopia work around it for you. 

I’m sorry. I hate letting anyone down.

There WILL be a Steampunk dance… the classic Aether Ball, featuring our Aethertopia favorite, DJ Vlad, will be held after the Aether Banquet on Saturday evening.

For everyone who purchased a ticket, either as part of a package or individually, we are willing to keep your ticket information on record so that when we bring the band in for their performance, you will all be first in line.

In a gesture of good faith, we will be opening the Aether Ball up to EVERYONE who has a Passport or Saturday Ticket to the event.

If you have the concert as part of your package (Ultimate/Supreme) or with your Saturday admission, then we will be giving you a FREE COPY of the Aethertopia 2019 Yearbook upon publication. 

If you purchased a concert ticket alone, we are offering you a free Saturday admission, including the Aether Ball.  

I know that’s probably not enough. Some of you have expressed extreme excitement and anticipation for seeing Captain Robert and Abney Park perform here in Tampa for the first time in a decade. And honestly, it has been a HUGE dream of mine for years to bring them back. It’s part of the reason I built Aethertopia in the first place. I thought this band deserved a special place to perform when they finally came back to our city. We still intend to do that, but we want the experience to be amazing for everyone.

I hope you will join with me in keeping Aethertopia the quintessential Steampunk Maker event that it is supposed to be, and we can keep moving forward, building this local, fan-based event into something truly amazing. You deserve it.

Thank you.

Anthony Sakovich

(aka, “Theo Puddleton”)

Creative Director, Aethertopia

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