Corsets & Cogs – A Day of Steampunk Adventures in Making

The spirit of Aethertopia lives in our motto: Celebrating the Genius of Steampunk Makers.

On August 24th, you will have the chance to peruse and examine the finest in Steampunk creations from all across Florida. View the finest in clothing, corsetry, coats and costumes from our amazing group that make up the Seamsters Guild. Discover the contraptions, creations, concoctions and crafts that our miraculous Makers from the Inventors Guild will bring to amaze and delight you.

But as we know, Aethertopia is about more than just looking. Aethertopia is about doing.

When you have these Makers in front of you, you have the opportunity to ask them questions about their styles and techniques, live and in person. Unlike a “how-to” video, you can view the creations close up, and then ask the Makers whatever it is you need to know so that when you go home, you can add your own flare to the ideas you’ve seen, and now become a Maker yourself.

There will be classes and workshops, as well as the opportunity (if there are any spots left!) to start working on your own creation while you are there. The CogYard is Aethertopia’s own Maker Space, within the grounds of our little traveling city.

And although the focus is on the Seamsters and Inventors Guilds, there will be representatives from all the other Guilds at this event. From Storytellers to Hatters, and from Explorers to Artists, you will not be lacking for the chance to see and experience some of the best that Steampunk has to offer. (And yes, we hear the Assassins Guild will also have some wondrous works on display, but we try not to talk about too loudly.)

Get your tickets now and save 20% off the door price.

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