British Food this time? You bet!

One of the great things about our new venues is that we get to choose the food! If you come to Aethertopia this weekend, you will get to experience a GREAT new selection of British food from our cafe vendors.

During the morning, there will be pastries and snacks available, but at about 1:15 we will have lunch dishes available at VERY reasonable prices that include Fish & Chips, Bangers & Mash, and even a Vegan mix up of Bangers & Chips. 

This was a big issue for us at Aethertopia 2018, as burgers and fries really don’t lend to the immersive environment. We’re glad we’ve been able to solve it for 2019.

Things just keep getting better!

The Aether Banquet won’t be until November, but when that doesn’t happen, I’m sure we’re going to bring a much better experience to all of you who have your tickets for that part of the event.


See you in Aethertopia on the 24th!

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