ANNOUNCEMENT: James Neathery Appearing at Aethertopia 2019

One of the most famous and dedicated Steampunk Makers in the Steampunk world of brass and leather is James Neathery. His work exemplifies the very heart of Steampunk, with his attention to detail, his daring with design, and his love for mechanical devices fusing into each amazing piece he creates.

And now you have your chance to spend two days with Master Neathery, as he presents his work on stage at Aethertopia, the Nomadic City of Steampunk Makers. Master Neathery will be presenting on stage twice, once on Saturday for a discussion of his making, and once on Sunday where he will discuss his experience being on the GSN series, STEAMPUNK’D.

The rest of the weekend, you will be able to visit with Master Neathery as he roams the streets and avenues of our little city, or at his booth in the Explorers Guild. His merchandise is absolutely incomparable, and you will want to be saving your shillings to take home an original piece by this amazing artist extraordinare.

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