Aethertopia 2019 Date is Set and Coordinates are Fixed!

Aethertopia 2019 is coming to Tampa, returning to the most grand Entertainment Hall at the Florida State Fairgrounds for another weekend of creative inspiration and Maker celebration!

Set your own chronometers for the last weekend in June, Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th! This astounding two day event will be even bigger and better than last year, as we bring the crew of the FS Aethertopia in for a two day visit!

This year will feature:

  • More Exhibitors

  • Bigger Contests

  • More Vendors

  • More Symposiums

  • More Workshops

  • and some really amazing surprises that we just aren’t ready to divulge yet!

Be sure to sign up on our website for email updates, as we will be offering LIMITED NUMBERS of packages and discounts, and you won’t want to miss them!

We’ll see YOU in Aethertopia!

19 thoughts on “Aethertopia 2019 Date is Set and Coordinates are Fixed!

    1. Hi there! Just checking in here! It’s Aurora De Exploratrice! Soon to be forced into a pre-arrangement marriage to Sir Johan Moon. My late Father approves my wandering ways but my Mother, now a widow, seeks to be rid of me as soon as possible! I’ve discovered through various scientific means, there’s a Travelers Nomadic City floating around the Aether and I vow some day to join them…. see you soon somewhere in time.

      1. Yes… we believe we will be exiting the AetherTemporal Portal during the last week of June, in Florida. Meet us there, and come along! (If we survive the journey, that is…)

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