Special Student Pricing Now Available for Aethertopia 2018!

Inspiring young people to create real-world objects and art is a major challenge these days, so exposing them to the amazing world of Steampunk shouldn’t be a burden on them or their families. Because students, whether in K-12 or college, already have enough on their plates, we wanted to make their ability to get in to Aethertopia just a bit easier.

In the spirit of helping those who can use it the most, and in cooperation with our good friends at the Henry B. Plant Museum, part of the University of Tampa, we are now offering special, limited access one-day passes for students! These passes have SUPER low prices for students, but in exchange, don’t offer some of the same benefits as the regular, full-priced passes.

Holders of Student Passes will be allowed to attend the Daytime event on Saturday, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. They will have access to all SEVEN Guild areas, including the Storytellers Guild, where readings and presentations will be going on all day. And although, if space permits, they can attend Lectures or Laboratories, they will not be able to pre-register for these gatherings, and thus may not be able to get into the more popular ones.

On Sunday, the price is discounted even more, but there is still no pre-registration for Lectures or Labs allowed.

But both days, these fortunate students will be allowed access to ALL of the seven Maker Guilds, the Benefactors (vendors) who have shops in the Guilds, and ALL of the new Guild Member submissions that are being judged that weekend! Yes, Students will also be able to vote for the best of each Guild, meet with the makers, and learn some of the greatest tips and tricks for making fantastical things in the real world.

Student pricing will be $20 on Saturday, and only $15 on Sunday. A valid Student ID card may be requested at the gate, so do not forget to bring yours with you.

Go here to lock in your Saturday Student Pass,

and Go here for Sunday.