Early Entry to the Guild of Your Choice – Early Judging

Get Your Make On!

We understand that many people have to make travel arrangements to get to Aethertopia in July, so we are going to allocate the first SIX spots in each guild, based on the submissions received by 31 March, 2018.

You must have a paid Guild Submission, and have your photos/PDF/Digital representation of your work submitted to the judges by 31 March for consideration in this early round of selection.

Once again, up to SIX Guild Submissions will be awarded on 31 March, and announced on 1 April. Not all six slots may be filled in each category, based on the quality and quantity of the submissions. However, even if you are NOT awarded a spot in the Early Judging, you will STILL be eligible for one of the remaining slots, with winners being announced on 1 June.

Don’t miss it!