Welcome to the Aethertopia Ticketing Portal!

There are many options when it comes to attending Aethertopia, and we want to make sure you get the best customized package for your dollar! Start with your adult admissions, then if necessary, add on the children.

Tickets at the door will cost more, so get yours today!

Aethertopia is an Eco-Friendly Event, and uses a live Digital Ticketing System. Just present your ID at the Registration Desk, and your packet will be waiting for you. 

Adult Admission

Adult Standard 2-day Pass

  • Online Price: $69
  • At the door: $75

Adult Premier 2-day Pass

  • Online Price: $99
  • At the door: $105

Adult Saturday Only 1-day Pass

  • Online Price: $49
  • At the door: $55

Adult Sunday Only 1-day Pass

  • Online Price: $39
  • At the door: $45

STUDENT – Saturday Limited Admission

  • Online Price: $20
  • At the door: $25

STUDENT – Sunday Limited Admission

  • Online Price: $15
  • At the door: $20


Children (aged 4-12)

Children’s 2-day Pass

  • Online Price: $29
  • At the door: $35

Children’s Saturday 1-day Pass

  • Online Price: $18
  • At the door: $25

Children’s Sunday 1-day Pass

  • Online Price: $15
  • At the door: $20


Important Information

If you aren’t bringing small children, then you will probably want to add on the on-site Steampunk Banquet, being held on Saturday evening. Once you’ve added all your pieces to your shopping cart, just head to checkout and pay with either credit card or PayPal. Your choice.

Check out our rules and such below. Remember, this is a spectacular event that is meant to be safe for families. Please keep that in mind when planning your visit to Aethertopia!

Event Guidelines

Bootleg/Piracy Policy

Absolutely no pirated material of any sort may be sold at Aethertopia. We are here to exalt and glorify the makers and artists who create the goods, so selling pirated material is the complete diametric opposite of what we stand for. Any such material, or media advertising such material, should be reported immediately to a member of the Aethertopia staff. This material will be confiscated, and law enforcement will be notified so they may investigate and prosecute if appropriate. We couldn’t be more serious about this. It is up to Aethertopia’s Executive Committee to determine on site what constitutes a violation of this policy. Once implemented, however, there shall be no negotiation or recourse. The decision of the Executive Committee is final and binding.

We protect our Makers.

Weapons Policy

Steampunk has a lot of highly stylized weaponry, and it should all be non-functional. The only exception to this rule is for functional NERF guns (or NERF gun equivalents. But even those may not be modified to shoot more than their regular NERF bullets). It is our goal to make this event as safe as possible for all attendees.  Therefore, the following rules shall apply to all weapons on your person, for sale or on display at any vendor booth:

  1. All Firearm reproductions, even ray guns or blunderbusts, should be made completely of plastic, wood, or other non-metallic materials, and must have an absolute minimum number of metal parts. Screws, bolts, candlestick holders, or metal ornamentation may be allowed, so long as it does not pose any threat whatsoever to another guest. However, anything that looks like a normal, modern gun will not be allowed, even with an orange capped barrel. All firearm weapons will be checked at random by our watch staff using metal detectors. Anything that does not meet these guidelines will be treated as an “Edged Weapon”.
  2. Edged Weapons, such as knives, swords, axes, maces, sword canes, etc, should not be brought to the event. If they are sold at a booth, then the purchase must be held at that booth until District Closing Time (6:00 PM on Saturday, 4:00 PM on Sunday), or until a member of our Security Team can escort the buyer out of the facility and to their vehicle. This policy does NOT apply to foam/LARP style weapons, regardless of how realistic they look. We will be using the same metal detectors to check all such weapons that are seen in the facility by staff to make sure our guests are as safe as possible.

Clothing Policy

Please keep in mind that this is a family event. Small children will be present, and regardless of how sophisticated or funny your costume idea may be, it is absolutely important that your attire remain inoffensive to our audience. For all intents and purposes, when it comes to costuming this is a “G” rated event. Please keep that in mind when choosing your garb for the occasion. If your attire is deemed inappropriate for the event, a member of our staff will work with you to bring your clothing to standard, and if that fails, you will be asked to leave and return with more appropriate garb.

Adult Materials Policy

While Aethertopia is a gathering place for an immensely diverse crowd, the event still includes, and is geared toward, families and minors. We require that our Benefactors (“Vendors”, in the vernacular) completely refrain from selling adult merchandise of any kind (i.e. all hentai; yaoi, yuri, shounen-ai or shoujo-ai containing graphic or explicit content; any material with explicit language, graphic content, etc.;). The acceptability of merchandise is at the sole discretion of the Aethertopia Executive Committee, and their judgments are absolute and non- negotiable. Anything above a PG-13 rating should not be brought to the event to display or sell, as we will ask you to remove it from your table. Failure to comply will result in your removal from the event with no refund or recourse.

Thank you all for your understanding regarding these guidelines. If we all adhere to them, then the event will be a great experience for everyone.