The Steampunk Event You’ve Been Waiting For

It’s time to lose yourself in the world of a yesterday that never was. Aethertopia is a Steampunk event like no other, because we build an entire world, just for you!

If you like the Medieval era, you have Renaissance Fairs you can attend.

If you like Doctor Who, there are conventions for you.

Fan of Star Trek? They practically invented the fan convention.

Really serious about your historical reenactment? Nobody put together events like the SCA, which can draw 15,000 people for a week of combat, armor building, and cross stitch. Really. Pennsic is an amazing event to behold.

But what do you do if you’re really, really into Steampunk? Sure, there are some conventions around the world, and there are some murder mystery weekends at beautiful hotels… but how about something REALLY different? Steampunk isn’t JUST Victorian trappings, and it certainly is a lot more than vendors selling clock parts.

No. Steampunk is a lot like the SCA, and we deserve an event like Pennsic, all for ourselves. (Only without the combat. Thanks, but maybe later).

And that’s what Aethertopia is all about. Aethertopia is an event like no other. It is an immersive Steampunk event, where you get to spend the weekend as your Steamsonna, complete with displays, activities, symposiums, dining and perhaps even some dancing, if that’s your cup of tea.

And oh yes, lots of tea. That’s a promise.

Aethertopia will be held this year in Tampa, Florida. Stay tuned for updates as we finish buttoning down the details. Also, watch for ticket deals on Patreon, Groupon and Facebook. You’ll be happy you did!