The Guild Masters of Aethertopia

Behind each of the Seven Maker Guilds of Aethertopia there is a Guild Master. These people have demonstrated their talent and commitment to Steampunk creativity in their own way, and have been chosen by their peers to represent their Guilds to the public. Without any further ado, allow me to introduce them to you!


The Explorers Guild

Professor A. G. (Atticus Gustav) Pearlmutter, at your service.

Man of Science, Inventor, Explorer and Pragmatist. I am an Explorer in the sense that I seek knowledge and truth, and am a retriever of lost artifacts. I believe that there is nothing that cannot be explained, even if we do not yet know the explanation. Though through my work I am somewhat of a public figure, my past is mostly private, and I have a secret that even I don’t know the answer. And that is what drives my explorations.

I do not know for sure, who I really am or where I come from.

I was found in the rubble after a battle in Balaklava during the Crimean War, no identification and no memory of who I was or how I got there. It was assumed I was the only survivor of a British company of fusiliers that had fallen victim to a Russian artillery barrage. What little was left of the uniform I might have been wearing had been lost in the fray of trying to keep me alive in the field hospital. However, my apparent knowledge of the sciences and mechanics posed the question of why I would have been assigned to a company of fusiliers. After a long stay in the military hospital I was dispatched back to London and assigned to the Corps of Royal Engineers. But staying in one place wasn’t for me and my desire to discover if I really was who everyone thought I was keeps pulling me to the ends of the world.

How I got my name

While in hospital, the war office checked the records of the Candleford Fusiliers, the company to which they assumed I was attached. No one that could be contacted would claim me and only one inquiry came back with all other family members deceased, Pearlmutter. I did not then and never have felt like anyone that would have the name of Atticus Gustav Pearlmutter, but the powers that be insisted that must be who I am. The piece of the puzzle that has never fit, why would someone with my apparent education and training be assigned to a company of fusiliers?

The bit of good fortune in all this is that the Pearlmutter name was attached to tremendous pile of money, both in liquid assets and property. And, there was one property with what seemed an intentionally vague description in Tilbury, east of London. Perhaps that is why it caught my attention and I made it a priority to investigate, and well I did, for it was large stone depository with a store of wonders. It had a well fitted workshop for making and testing nearly any machine imaginable, or unimaginable, but the real prize was The Animus. An airship!

To be continued…

The Storytellers Guild

My name is Lady Charlotte Halloway. Born to Professor Guy Montague and actress, Clarissa McClellan- Montague in 1855, I came by my love for storytelling through my mother’s insistence of reading everything I could get my hands on and acting out stories for family gatherings. She would tell me, “We are all stories, and each of us a chapter in a great book.”

While I did not have her flair for the stage, I found a passion for the art and craft of the story. I met my husband, Lord William Halloway, at a symposium for Vassar College where I was fortunate enough to be one of the few women of my time pursuing a degree. Lord Halloway was a brilliant scientist, someone I found fascinating, and a bit dangerous.

A happy ending, however, was not in the pages for us, as he disappeared not long after we were married. Left with ample time on my hands, I believe it is my duty to help others pursue knowledge and inspiration at every opportunity. I hold frequent salons for self-improvement at my home where we explore literature and philosophy through books, music, and visiting orators. It was at one of these events that I met Lord Puddleton, and the rest, as they say, is history…..or is it?

The Inventors Guild

Lord Puddleton here. I’m afraid that trying to get Sophia Dakkar to jot down her biography is nigh on impossible. Partly, because she is so extremely busy inventing and considers these kinds of “personal efforts” to be a complete waste of her precious time, and also because she is a bit of a mystery to us all, and she apparently wishes to keep it that way.

Even her photograph to the left is just her in a breathing apparatus she invented. (Notice the lack of hoses! It’s extraordinary!).

Sophia Dakkar joined us just a few minutes before we departed, and was a natural to take over the role of Guild Master for the Inventors Guild, as we had recently lost our previous Guild Master.

So please join us in making her feel welcome in her new role.

The Seamsters Guild

Hello, I’m Arabella Seemleigh. A pleasure, I’m sure. You say you want to know all about me? There’s not much to say, but I’ll do my best.

My late father was tailor to the king. For his exquisite workmanship he was gifted a barony. Amongst his new social set, he unfortunately fell wayward and destitute. Within a year the celebratory drinks eventually left him with the shakes, and he never stitched again. Of course you know all of this.

What is it you say? You remember his work being popular much longer than that? Well, yes, that may be possible.

As for myself, I realize dressmaking is not a glamorous task, but it suits me. Since my mother was lost to us when I was still a child, I spent most of my formative years in Father’s workroom. He couldn’t afford a nurse at the time. But I’ve always been quiet. Unassuming. Observant. To me, home is wrapped in silk and wool with a needle at hand.

I know the fashions as well as anyone. Father certainly kept abreast of the latest thing, I could do no less. But a young lady without family to speak of must be resourceful. Tailoring may be considered too difficult for a lady, but I did grow up at my father’s knee. Sometimes there are those on the fringe, taking on more adventurous tasks, and they need something more— practical– than the evening ballroom set. And they need a tailor who is careful, unquestioning, leaves the judgement to God. And heaven knows I have no place to judge. But I’m always happy to lend a needle to a soul in need.

The Artists Guild

Recorded by Monica Flynn: Leila Adeline Weaver, Born in 1840, Sheffield, England. The daughter of aristrocratic parents, she received her initial introduction to the arts under the tutelage of reknowned Professor Jonathan Rutlege Scott of Cambridge University. Intitially pleased with their young daughter’s interest in the arts, the Weavers soon found the strong-willed Leila’s love and pursuit of art was consuming her every moment. Concerned she was leaving no time for any courtship, Mr. Weaver declined to provide financial support for the continuance of Leila’s studies.

Never to be controlled again, Leila left the safety and security of her family estate and headed out alone to the city. Leila walked the damp, dirty streets questioning her decision to leave the comfort of her family home. While pondering her return to Sheffield, a particularly heavy downpour caused her to seek shelter.

As she ran thorough the muddy streets she saw a large tent off the side of the road. The drenched Leila ran to the tent and entered in a flurry. To her surprise, she found she had stumbled into a tent filled witg the most magnififent art she could ever imagine. Art so perfect, so complete, she knew she could never leave. She had found her home in Aethertopia.

The Hatters Guild

Je m’appelle Miss Wanda Ring-Chapeau, and it is absolutely delightful to make your acquaintance!

I do so love to travel, don’t you? That’s what made Aethertopia such a natural destination for me! We never stop!

Although I was born in Brighton, I am forever wandering the world, but always, always in a stylish hat, of course. Never be without a proper topper, as I always say! There’s a lot of things I always say, because I do end up meeting so many unexpected people in my travels. Although some people think I do get lost… a lot… I can assure you that I am really just setting myself up for another great adventure!

Won’t you join me?


The Assassins Guild

This is perhaps the only extant image of Lama di Morte, the head of the Assassins Guild. Very little is known about him, for obvious reasons. You will find him patrolling his Guild District, making certain that all our guests are safe, and that only those who wish to do harm to others will experience his ire.

So it is strongly suggested that you smile and be very nice. He may not even look like this any more.