The Great Maker Contest at Aethertopia

Although we celebrate all forms of making, and all levels of expertise, in Aethertopia, we do hold regular competitions between the Seven Guilds to decide which makers are doing the most outstanding work.

Vote for your Favorite Maker in Each District!

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To make this fair, we invite the public to come inside our borders for two days and be the judges in the People’s Choice Awards. When you come into the city, you will be given seven Guild Tokens. These tokens are stamped with the insignia of each of the seven Guilds. Using those tokens, you will vote for one entry in each of the seven maker Districts. At the end of the weekend, the tokens will be counted and First, Second, and Third place winners will be announced in each category.

But wait… there’s more!

Obviously, the Guilds also want to compete against each other. However, just counting the most tokens in each District won’t be a fair competition between two items from different Guilds. Therefore, we are also going to have Grand Prizes for the creations that truly exemplify the brilliance and ingenuity of Steampunk Makers. These prizes (again, First, Second and Third) will be judged by a panel of renowned Steampunk Makers, who will be traveling to Aethertopia for the sole purpose of judging these amazing pieces of artwork, clothing, writing, devices, hats and gear.

The identities of these judges will be announced before the event, so that you can discover their work for yourselves, and see why we selected them to utilize their expertise and experience to appreciate and analyze the fine work that goes into making your Steampunk creations.

So now it’s time for YOU to submit your work, then gather your friends to support you at the competition!

We look forward to seeing you, and your creations, in Aethertopia, the Nomadic City of Steampunk Makers!