Steampunk Banquet – Saturday Evening


Enjoy a formal dinner at Aethertopia!

This is a fully catered, formal dinner for a limited number of guests. Don’t delay!

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Start: July 7, 2018 Finish: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Steampunk Banquet - Saturday Evening #1



Dinner… Aethertopia Style

Enjoy a wonderful, classic dinner, served on white linens in a proper Victorian Atmosphere! A beautiful, waterfront dining experience awaits you at Aethertopia.

The selection of entrees will be available soon for you to view, but reserving your space at the limited number of tables is something you won’t want to delay. There will be multiple options, including complete vegetarian meals, especially prepared for our guests.

In classic Victorian style, if you have less than eight people in your party, you will be sharing your table with other guests. Bring your best etiquette and manners to the event, as we make this a night of truly civilized dining pleasure.

The location is right on site at our Aethertopia venue, so no additional travel or parking is required.


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