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Register your submission here for consideration in the Assassins Guild exposition at Aethertopia 2019 June 29-30



The Assassins Guild is quietly accepting submissions of work by Steampunk Makers who wish to display their crafts at Aethertopia, the Nomadic City of Makers.

At this year’s event, there will be two levels of product judging:

  1. Audience Choice Awards
  2. Show Judges Awards

By submitting your work, you are entering into BOTH contests. Naturally, your ultimate goal is to win both. To do that, you will need to present original creations that show both imagination and skill. Winning the Audience Choice award will depend upon how many of the guests judge your work to be the best in its Guild. The Judges Award is based upon the selection by a panel of celebrity judges who will look beyond popularity and examine the actual quality and ingenuity of your work.

After you have paid your submission fee, please EMAIL up to SIX photos of your work to the following email address:   We may ask you to submit additional photos.

If you are selected to be in the show, you will be allowed to attend BOTH days of the event for FREE. If you submit your work here but we do not feel your work ranks in the top 20 of the Guild submissions for 2018, then you will be able to apply your submission fee for a $10 credit towards a one or two day pass to Aethertopia.

And here’s the best part: If you get your submission and payment in to us before March 31, 2019, you will only have a $5 submission fee! Yes, we know we already said that if your submission is passed on by the judges, you will get a $10 credit… and we meant it! This really is a win/win scenario.

If you are having trouble deciding which category your submission belongs in, then be aware that you don’t have to actually decide one over the other. You can submit to as many categories as you like, so long as you pay the submission fee for that category. If you are accepted into more than one category, then our selection committee will decide which category is best suited to your submission. Naturally, you will receive free admission for the entire weekend.

Early Judging

We understand that many people have to make travel arrangements to get to Aethertopia in June, so we are going to allocate the first SIX spots in each guild, based on the submissions received by 31 March, 2019.

You must have a paid Guild Submission, and have your photos/PDF/Digital representation of your work submitted to the judges by 31 March for consideration in this early round of selection.

Once again, up to SIX Guild Submissions will be awarded on 31 March, and announced on 1 April. Not all six slots may be filled in each category, based on the quality and quantity of the submissions. However, even if you are NOT awarded a spot in the Early Judging, you will STILL be eligible for one of the remaining slots, with winners being announced on 1 June.



Please note that all submitted photographs become the property of Aethertopia and its parent company, Apseom, LLC. These images may be used for marketing purposes, and where practicable, credit will be given to you, the rightful creator.


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