Aethertopia Saturday Day Children’s Admission – Age 12 and Under


Purchase your Saturday Children’s pass (aged 12 and under) now before they are gone! Admission will be limited for this first ever, one of a kind Steampunk Event! Price will be $25 at the door.

Enter your child’s persona name of their Steampunk Character so that their Aethertopia name tag will be printed properly!

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Aethertopia, the Nomadic City of Steampunk Makers, is coming to Tampa Bay on July 7th and 8th!

An immersive weekend of fun and fascination as the most amazing Steampunk creations in history await you and your family!

Children’s tickets for Saturday’s, indoor, air conditioned event are on sale now! Despite the enormous size of Aethertopia, much of the space will be dedicated to displays, workshops, and performances. Do not hesitate to get your tickets when they become available! Attendance will be limited. (Children 3 and under are free).

 In the space provided above, please make sure you enter the persona name for each person attending, so that your name tags will help keep you immersed in the event.

There will be children’s activities at scattered times during the day so that your children will feel as welcome and as part of the event as you do.

It is time to inspire young creators.

It is time for Aethertopia!


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