The Reviews of Aethertopia 2018 Are In

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what visitors to Aethertopia 2018 have said:


What a well organized and inspiring event! I met some wonderful folks and enjoyed the creativity and the guild competition immensely. We look forward to next year!

“Can’t wait until next year…”

We had soooo much fun and met some of the nicest people anywhere. I can’t wait until next year!

“A haven for the makers…”

Thank you for creating a haven for the makers, I have started my sketches for next year

“Jaw dropping…”

The creative outpouring of talent was astounding! The various inventions & persona costuming was simply jaw-dropping! I’ll DEFINITELY apply again next year!

“I loved it…”

I loved it. Looking forward to it again.

“What a great day…”

Really excellent day today at Aethertopia. There will be lots of pics coming….. Tomorrow… For now whooped beyond all get out but man…. What a great day… Top to bottom.

“Another great day…”

I fully expect another great day tomorrow!

“Great event…”

Great event, really enjoyed the day.

“I enjoyed it…”

I enjoyed it. I hope to see what happens next year.

“Felt like walking down a gaslit street…”

I liked the lighting that felt like walking down a gaslit street

“A wonderful weekend indeed…”

It was a wonderful weekend indeed! I hated having to return to Real Life… šŸ˜

“Next year can’t come fast enough…”

Absolutely fabulous! Class Act! Next year can’t come fast enough.

“Already looking forward to next year…”

Aethertopia 2018 was a great weekend! Already looking forward to next year.

“Definitely be back next year…”

We will definitely be back next year!!! Thanks ANTHONY and all the volunteers.

“An amazing experience…”

For my first time at a steampunk event. It was an amazing experience.

“Loved the laidback feel…”

We had the best time ever. I loved the laidback feel of it and all the wonderful people who were there. We can’t wait to comeback next year and hopefully be vending also.

“Can’t wait for next year…”

Wonderful time! Can’t wait for next year!

“Such a welcoming event…”

Thank you so much for putting together such a welcoming event! I loved getting an introduction to splendid teapot racingā€”it’s an event I’ve missed at larger conventionsā€”and the opportunity to try out Captain Robert’s games was fantastic. I had such a great time and I’m looking forward to seeing how the event can grow. I’d love to get involved next year!

“Immensely enjoyable…”

This intimate affair has a special place in my con going heart . It was immensely enjoyable and I look forward to next year . Steampunkers rule !

“Very well organized…”

It was great. I loved it. And very well organized.


Had an amazing good time!


Was amazingly awesome

“Did not dissapoint…”

Its been an amazing experience yesterday and will continue on into today. For those that missed it this year be sure to keep checking early next year so you can make your plans and purchase your tickets. I can easily see this growing and selling out fast. I know I will be watching to get mine as soon as they are available, as this as been something we have looked forward to all year and it did not disappoint!

“I will never forget…”

Aethertopia was awesome on so many levels. From Anthony , those who were part of putting this together , the master Guilds. Everyone had such a warm heart I will never forget. The welcome We received was epic. I came home so inspired Iā€™m still writing new ideas. My favorite part of the wknd was the idea of people using tokens to vote. Because of that , makers were engaged with the public and vice versa. As a result, all the stories I heard paved the way for me to go forward in Steampunk. I canā€™t wait to go back already.

“Splendid job…”

Splendid job organizing this, Lord Puddleton! I’m so glad I was able to attend after all, and I sincerely hope Aethertopia will return next year. Everything was amazing

“We want to become makers…”

We went Sunday as 1st timers. We totally enjoyed everything. Thank you for holding this event and all your had work for pleasure. We want to become Makers and are inspired. I know first time there were kinks. I have done eventsĀ for years and something always happens no matter how clear the plan. One again thank you!

“Already making plans for next year…”

It was fabulous- Great job folks! We are already making plans for next year!