Aethertopia is About Inspiration

In my humble opinion, “Entertainment” is highly over-rated. It is too easy in your modern world to just sit back and watch others do things. Perhaps it’s time to live a little less vicariously, and become one of the real creators in your world.

Of course, if you’re already a Steampunk maker, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I spent this weekend talking to real makers; Geniuses who create some of the most amazing devices, inventions, clothing and vehicles I’ve ever seen. While visiting Renniger’s Steampunk & Industrial Show, I saw some of the most astounding contraptions and clothing this side of Loom. From table lamps to tumbling dice, there was an overwhelming display of the kind of work that makes me just want to rush back to my own laboratory and build something new and fresh and exciting.

And that’s what Aethertopia is all about. The Nomadic City of Makers isn’t about sitting and watching, but about learning and doing. It’s about building and making. In short, it is the embodiment of Steampunk inspiration. Between the workshops, the symposiums, and the ongoing demonstrations by professional makers of all types, you will come out of this event with experience and confidence, rather than just entertainment for entertainment’s sake.

And if you’re already an accomplished maker, and you want an opportunity to display your best work, then by all means make sure you submit your creation to the appropriate Steampunk Makers Guild for inclusion in the show! Click here for a description of the different Guilds, and then get your submission in. There are a limited number of spots within each Guild, and multiple prizes will be awarded based on both the audience and a panel of independent expert Steampunk judges.

See you in the future!

Most Sincerely,

Lord Puddleton