Lord Puddleton

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My name is Lord Theodore Puddleton, and I am a Natural Philosopher. Born in the year 1833, my only aspiration in life has been to understand the nature of time, so that I could one day traverse its currents and eddies as other men cross the English Channel. Finally, in 1873, an incident occurred that gave me hope. I heard of a group of people who had learned how to move through time. With some research, I was able to duplicate their efforts. And now I can move through time in a controlled fashion, and carry back and forth with me the knowledge and souvenirs of my visits. And so I would like to grant to all of you an opportunity to explore a vast collection of the greatest inventions I have seen in my journeys through time. When I bring Aethertopia to you, I will welcome you personally to what could be considered the Greatest Show in History. Thank you for visiting this information portal. I will keep you up to date on any news you will need before the arrival of the Nomadic City of Makers in 2018, (your time). Until then... off and away!