Those Amazing Creations in the Aethertopia Video

If you’re like me, you know just how impressive Steampunk makers can be. But there is one maker in particular who allowed us to use several of his creations in our Aethertopia promotion video.

Here is a sampling of his brilliant work:

The one man who has created all these amazing devices, vehicles and make-up effects is none other than Olivier Xavier.

In fact, many of you might remember the television series, “The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne”. He is truly an unsung hero, because his work on that series is not credited on iMDB. But that’s what we hope to correct at Aethertopia, where the real creators are recognized for their astounding works.

Here is a more recent photograph of Olivier, as he was one of the last make-up artists to work on Carrie Fisher.

Olivier Xavier and Carrie Fisher

For a look at one of his recent projects, check out “Gotham 1888”. You will see some of the props above in that video as well.

Thank you, Olivier Xavier for allowing us the honor of using your material for our Steampunk promotion video. Perhaps one day we can introduce you to your new fans here in Florida.


Lord Puddleton