Announcing the Battle of the Guilds!

I thought we had settled this a year ago, but I’m afraid the Guild Masters are back at it again. Allow me to explain…

The Seven Guilds have recommenced their squabbling over which one is the most important element of Steampunk.

  • Assassins say it’s all about the guns.
  • Hatters insist they are, by definition, the tops.
  • “Try it without the costumes”, say the Seamsters.

And on and on. You understand.

Well, quite frankly, I’m tired of the bickering. Therefore, I have created the idea of a contest to settle the matter once and for all. Naturally, there was a lot of negotiations involved. Some people insisted that there only be outside judges, while others felt that only the members of the Steampunk community should be allowed to decide the best Guild. And then there was the question of who should be allowed to participate!

In the end, we came to the agreement that we would have both a team of judges, as well as a group of local patrons, come in and judge the world of the Guild creations. In order to achieve that agreement, we had to allow the same local community to submit its OWN creations to be part of the judging!

So, you now see how important YOUR work is to the settling of this age-old dispute!

Here are a few more details for you. Keep an eye out for messages from the Guildmasters, as they will be giving more information (and possibly invitations?) to makers from all over the world. The most important thing you can do, however, is to come out and support your Guild!


You are part of this amazing adventure!

2018 is the year when the Seven Guilds of Aethertopia hope to settle their age-old question:

Which Guild produces the very best Steampunk creations?

The best part is, any and all makers in the area can enter into the fray with their creations, and bolster their Guilds!

Discover more about the Seven Maker Guilds here, and then get your submission in before it’s too late!

Don’t miss this chance to make a difference!


Most sincerely,

Lord Theodore Puddleton

Mayor, Aethertopia