The Greatest Steampunk Event in History is Coming to Tampa…

We’ve done it!

The Antaetherium Emitter is now properly aligned with the Chronocrystal and we can definitively state the date of Aethertopia’s arrival in Tampa Bay! Aethertopia, the Nomadic City of Steampunk Makers, is coming to Tampa on July 7th and 8th! Prepare for an immersive weekend of sharing and staring as the most amazing Steampunk creations in history await you!

I have it on good authority that tickets for this indoor, air conditioned event will be on sale soon. Despite the enormous size of Aethertopia, much of the space will be dedicated to displays, workshops and performances. Do not hesitate to get your tickets when they become available! Early-Bird pricing is guaranteed!

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Be sure to keep checking back, as we are now in the process of getting the geographic coordinates buttoned down. Aethertopia is well over an acre in dimensions and we need to make sure we have exact coordinates before we dare make the chronospatial transition!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Lord Theodore Puddleton