The Fipwhistle School of Modernish Dance


Here’s your chance to get ready for the Aether Ball on Saturday night!

Think you can’t dance? Miss Prudence Fipwhistle will turn your two left feet into a too right experience! Assisted by the steamily beautiful Galway Workhouse Doxies, Miss Fipwhistle will quickly have you gliding and giggling through social dances from Queen Victoria’s Balmoral ballroom, London’s Edwardian dance halls, and roaring 20s gin joints. None of these dances requires a partner or any prior training!


You will learn and enjoy:

  • The Lambeth Walk. This quirky song and dance originated in the Cockney neighborhood around Lambeth Street in London. It was immortalized in a 1937 musical and has been danced at nearly every social gathering in Britain since then. If you can walk, slap your thighs, and hook elbows with your neighbor, you can dance the Lambeth Walk.
  • The Palais Glide. From more or less the same era as The Lambeth Walk, the Palais Glide is another of what have been called ‘romping sequence dances.’ Colloquially called ‘the Polly Glide’, this dance is another you can expect to do at every dance of every sort in the U.K. Easy to learn and easy to do, this dance manages to look elegant and ridiculous at the same time!
  • The Gay Gordons. Were they really? No one can say, but Queen Victoria wore out more than one pair of dancing pumps doing this Scottish ceilidh dance. It has the flavor of single malt about it, but it’s equally comfortable with Irish whiskey and English ale, which is why no social gathering in the U.K. can go forward without this homage to the handsome members of Clan Gordon and their jolly marches.


Miss Fipwhistle’s professional dance, acting, and singing career spans 30 years, 17 of those at Walt Disney World (Orlando) plus many years performing and teaching around the world. She is the former President of Tampa Historical Society, Inc., where she was locally famous for her themed teas, graveyard tours, and lectures on Tampa’s arcane past.