Support Your Local Steampunk Genius!

One of the reasons we created Aethertopia was so that we could honor and celebrate the genius of local Steampunk makers. We aren’t talking about vendors who travel from city to city, trying to make a living off of Steampunk paraphernalia, but rather the grassroots fans of Steampunk who make the amazing costumes, props, music, stories, and gadgets that you see on display when you attend a convention or Steampunk gathering.

Just a quick perusing of these photos will give you an idea of what we’re talking about. These aren’t necessarily people who charge for their wares, but rather people who devote their energy, enthusiasm, and creative genius to making Steampunk stuff, just for the sake of sharing it with other fans.

And we wanted to give them a showcase for their work; a place where they could share and inspire others with their creativity and skill.

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It wasn’t enough, however, to just make a display of their work. Instead, we wanted to give them an entire world in which their work would feel at home. They deserve a place where the surroundings complement and enhance their objets d’art, rather than distracting from it. That’s where Aethertopia comes in.

Aethertopia is an entire city of Steampunk makers, spread out over seven Maker Districts that represent the seven Guilds of Steampunk making. Whether it’s a hat or a time machine, there’s a special home for your creation at Aethertopia. There’s still time to submit your work, and if selected, you will be given a place of distinction within your Maker Guild… as well as two free passes for the weekend.

Here’s why being a visitor to Aethertopia matters

If you’re not a maker of these amazing objects, but you still appreciate the genius behind it, then you can help these wonderful inventors in your own way.

  1. Everyone who comes to Aethertopia will be given a set of Voting Tokens, with which they can help determine the best, most creative works in each of the Seven Maker Guilds. The People’s Choice Awards will be given out on Sunday afternoon, and if you have a friend whose work is being featured, you can come out and support them. Celebrating is great, but winning is even better.
  2. A portion of every admission ticket is being added to a pool that will determine the prize levels for each of the Maker Guild Winners! So just by attending, you are helping to support the best makers in each of the Guilds. There are three prizes in each of the Seven Guilds, so a total of 21 makers will go home with prizes, the size of which are determined by YOUR participation in the event!

So if you feel the same way we do, that these geniuses who show up at conventions and gatherings truly deserve our respect and admiration, then come to Aethertopia on July 7th and 8th to show them your support.

And if you’re a maker, and you want to submit your own work for possible inclusion in the event, then by all means go right ahead and sign up here today! The submission deadline for Aethertopia 2018 is fast approaching, so don’t miss it! And remember, 100% of the Maker Submission Fees are being donated to the Henry B. Plant Museum in Tampa… a true expression of historical preservation and making if there ever was one!

We look forward to seeing YOU in Aethertopia!