Millinery & Hat Making: A History

Aethertopia is honoured and so very pleased to welcome Milliner and Hat Maker, Professor Bunny Greene. For over 14 years she has been using old fashioned techniques, with all her items being handmade from the inside out. Her process begins using buckram for the core and hat blocks/hat shapers. Next comes fabric, then the ribbon, and the feathers and bobbles. It takes about two weeks for the finish of a new hat. You will simply have to see it to believe it.

Professor Greene, pictured here hard at work, has a deep passion for historic reproductions and an appreciation for the artistic touches of vintage fashion. Hats have not since regained their once high-held popularity, but many milliners and hatters are working to change that. In a time when hats can be found in department stores for a little as twenty dollars, hat makers have to contend with a mass produced product. With high quality products that come from the use of original techniques and materials, she hopes to bring back the beauty and art of bespoke hats. 



Learning about hats

  • Fabrics and tools for hat makinga) wool, fur felts and buckram the core

    b) steam and irons- why they are important

  • Best ways to learn techniquesa) books and tutorials

    b) cheaper materials to start hat making

  • A brief talk about historic hats and proper terms

Spaces Available: 35