Fine tuning the Antaetherium Emitter

Dearest associates and friends of Steampunk!

Setting the exact time of the arrival of Aethertopia in the Tampa Bay Area is a very challenging task, indeed!

However, it appears we have worked out the last misalignment between the emitter and the Chronocrystal. We have never been able to be so precise in choosing our destinations before, so this is quite a memorable occasion!

(And thanks to the nature of the discovery, it is one we can choose to relive repeatedly if we so choose! Isn’t that splendid?)

After a few more tests, we should be able to give you an exact day and time for the arrival of Aethertopia in your city. Please follow our bulletins on the media device where your are reading this (I think you call it “Facebook”. Is that correct? Or is this a “blog”? I get confused!) Either way, you know where you are, so make sure you stay tuned in!

So much is happening!


Lord Puddleton