Dining at Aethertopia – An Inclusive Environment with Something for Everyone

At Aethertopia, we want to be welcoming to people of many different backgrounds and lifestyles. That’s why we put so much thought into the food we are making available to our Guests.

All day (and even at the Aether Banquet) people can get normal, omnivorous food selections. But we’ve made sure that in honor of the Victorian roots of modern Vegetarianism, we have selections available for people who make different dietary choices.

So, for example, we are opening two food vending booths inside the city limits. One serves standard fare (burgers, fries, etc), but the other one serves only vegetarian options.  Naturally, both booths will have many things in common, like French Fries and such. But one will have a grill that isn’t cooking beef one minute, then tofurkey hotdogs the next. It may not make much difference to the majority of people, but to some, it is as an important factor today as it was 150 years ago.

In fact, Vegetarianism is… err… was… very much a part of the Victorian lifestyle.

The earliest reference to the term, “vegetarianism” is cited as 1851 in the second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary and was found in Robley Dunglison’s, Medical lexicon; A dictionary of medical science where it is described as “a modern term, employed to designate the view that man..ought to subsist on the direct productions of the vegetable kingdom and totally abstain from flesh and blood.” However, “vegetarian” to refer to one who engages in this diet has many earlier examples of usage. In the earliest years of Victoria’s reign, in 1839, the actress Fanny Kemble was commenting that if she had to do her own cooking she “should inevitably become a vegetarian.”   Source

So, welcome to a place that wants everyone to feel welcome. We hope you have a wonderful stay in Aethertopia.

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