Countdown to the Early Submission Deadline! Tick-Tick-Tick

Up to six submissions will be honored with an early acceptance into their Aethertopia Steampunk Maker Guilds, but only if those entries are received by March 31st!

In addition, these early submissions will also be able to take advantage of the discounted submission fee of only $5. (And remember, 100% of this fee is being donated to the Henry B. Plant Museum in Tampa!).

A Steampunk Maker does not have to be a Steampunk vendor. Your creation may be yours alone, and there is no requirement that you sell anything at the event. This is your chance to display your work, discuss the work of others, and do it all for just $5, because if your creation is selected for admission to Aethertopia 2018, then you will receive a pair of 2-day admission passes to the event for free!

Click here to submit your creation now!