Announcing the Aethertopia 2018 Yearbook!

You may have noticed there were two photographers taking pictures at Aethertopia in Tampa.  We’ve had something very special in mind for those photos, and now that we’re certain it will work, we can announce what we’ve been planning!

Aethertopia was, and will always be, a unique experience, and we wanted our guests to have a unique way of revisiting Aethertopia all year round. Using the professional images taken by these two amazing photographers, we are assembling the Official Aethertopia 2018 Yearbook. This high quality printed, hardcover book will be available soon for anyone who wishes to immortalize their Aethertopia experience and have it available to share with their guests and friends forevermore.

We are sifting through nearly 500 photographs right now to see which ones will make the cut and be included in the yearbook. But here’s the really cool part…

If you were one of the dozens and dozens of people who chose to get your picture taken in front of the green screen, then you can have the chance at being certain that your photograph will be included in the yearbook! For a small extra fee, we can be sure that YOUR picture is included, and that your image is part of the official Aethertopia commemorative experience!

More details will be coming soon, so stay tuned!