And our most popular Admission Ticket is…

The vast majority of people who are buying tickets right now are buying… the Premier Pass! It is outselling everything else by a wide margin.

Perhaps it is just that they realize the Premier Pass at the Early Bird special price is only $10 more than the regular price of a General Admission 2-day pass to Aethertopia.┬áMaybe it’s because people want to lock in their purchases before we limit the number of Premier Passes that are available (a VERY likely possibility).

Whatever their reasoning, they’ve certainly made a great choice, because these prices will be going up soon, and if you want to lock in your passes at these low prices, you’ll have to move quickly.


Our Early Bird pricing will expire in February, after which there is virtually no combination of discounts or coupons that we will be issuing that will get you a lower price on your admission to Aethertopia, being held this July 7th and 8th at the Florida State Fairgrounds Entertainment Hall in Tampa.

Save $20 on your Premier Pass today. Don’t miss your chance at being a part of history. We’ll see you in Aethertopia!

Lord Puddleton