Aethertopia’s Final Expert Maker Judge is…

It should come as no surprise that we have searched the entire continent for the premier Makers in Steampunk. We wanted to give our local Makers the opportunity to meet and be judged by the absolute best in the industry. There are some hard choices to make, but in this case, we went straight for the top and didn’t relent until we had secured the man who pioneered the genre of Steampunk Music in the New World.

That’s right. We are incredibly proud to announce that our third Expert Maker Judge is none other than “Captain Robert” Brown of the quintessential Steampunk band, Abney Park.

(If you didn’t scream when you just read that, then you aren’t familiar enough with the actual history of Steampunk.)

Our three judges represent the three overall areas of Steampunk Makers:

Costumes – Thirl Hupp – Florida

Props – Olivier Xavier – Canada

Media – Captain Robert – Washington State

And nobody does media better than Captain Robert. Not only does he have over a dozen years leading the number one Steampunk band in North America (and possibly the world!), but he has branched off from music, and now has a creative stake in books, RPGs, videos and board games!

You can find out a LOT more about Captain Robert’s history and accomplishments by visiting his biography page here on our site. There are some videos there as well that you won’t want to miss, including the newest one for their homage to Georges Méliès, the famous science fiction filmmaker of the silent era.

Wait… Did I mention board games?

Remember how we announced a few weeks ago that we would be having a dedicated game of Airship Pirates being played at Aethertopia? Well, now we can announce that the game will be led by none other than the man who created the Steampunk universe in which it is set!

Captain Robert will be around the event all weekend, viewing the submissions, as well as hobnobbing with the muckymucks of Aethertopia. And he will also be at the Aether Banquet, so don’t miss your opportunity to dine with the Captain!

Get your tickets today, and meet the living legend himself, Captain Robert of Abney Park!

Most Sincerely,

Lord Puddleton